Saturday, 21 November 2015

Spotting a Slab Leak

There are some problems in life that can be fixed in no time at all. Other problems, however, can easily be more problematic and lead to further complications for your home. The earlier you are able to spot a problem area, the easier it will be for you to handle. A slab leak can easily become a frustrating dilemma to deal with if left untreated. In order to best handle these leaks, it is important to know how to spot this type of leak.

The first thing that will tip you off to a slab leak in your home is the sound of running water. When you no longer are using any of your pipes, and all the faucets are off, you may hear what sounds like water rushing through your pipes. Often, this is a huge indication that you have a slab leak. The sound of running water will be persistent, so make sure you don’t jump to the conclusion that you have a slab leak if the sound stop.

Another easy sign that you have a leak in your slab is when you notice cracks appearing in your foundation. While this generally means that the problem is getting a bit worse, it still can be helpful to notice. If the crack is small enough, then it may mean that the fix will not be too complicated. Unfortunately, many times homeowners wind up noticing these cracks because they have gotten quite deep and must be handled immediately to prevent serious foundation damage.

There are other simple ways to tell if you have a slab leak in your home. Walk around barefoot and see if any areas of the floor seem warm or, at worst, very hot. When you notice this, it means that the pipes under the floor are heating up due to a leak in the slab. As soon as you notice this, be sure and get your slab looked at by the right professionals. Another way that might be helpful to notice a leak is the sudden appearance of mold. When there is a leak, it can easily lead to mildew or mold building up in dank parts of your home. A good indicator of this problem is the smell, but you may also be able to spot these problem areas visually as well.
When you take the time to spot the problems that can arise in your slab, you will be doing your part to keep your home safe from serious damage. Visit this website for more information on slab leak repair in San Marcos. 

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