Friday, 20 November 2015

The Importance of Getting Your Sewers Cleaned

Owning a home is all about maintenance. Waiting for a problem to happen puts your investment and peace of mind at risk. This is especially true of your sewer. A clogged sewer line could allow rawwaste to backflow into your home, creating health and safety hazards and leading to costly repairs.

It’s on You

Most homeowners don’t realize their cities or counties are only responsible for public sections of the sewer system. Property owners are responsible for the sewer lines running under their lands, meaning all damages from backups must be borne by the homeowners.

Clean Is Healthy

High-pressure water is pumped through rotating nozzles to clean every inch of your sewer. Debris that promotes obstruction of the pipe is blasted away. Gunk and grease buildup from cooking oils, food residues and household products are scrubbed off. This restores the diameter of your sewer line, allowing waste to flow freely. Deterioration is also slowed, thanks to the removal of potentially damaging compounds that may have coated the inside of the pipe.

Don’t Wait for Disaster

Getting out in front of sewer maintenance before waste begins bubbling up inside your home is an easy, smart way to protect your property and your health. Click here to learn more about sewer cleaning in Scotts Valley.

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